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Valley Contracting Group (VCG) is a residential contractor based in Woodstock, Virginia. Being located in Shenandoah valley does not limit its service offering. VCG works with companies in areas that include Little Washington, Winchester, Harrisonburg, Loudon County, Warrenton County, Page County and Northern Virginia. This blog is going to focus on explaining why VCG is a design and build custom residential contractor.

VCG treats each homeowner specifically because each homeowner’s needs and wants are different. For a potential homeowner to understand they first need to understand VCG’s client development process.

  1. Our first meeting focuses on what they homeowner wants and needs. It is important to establish this first and foremost because it is the customers expectations that need to be met and exceeded. The first meeting we will talk about the square footage, sub levels, first level, second level, garage, lot, kitchen wants, basement type, flooring, insulation, windows, roof etc. This will give both VCG and the client a base to build from. Last thing we will discuss is the budget.
  2. The budget will then be assessed against all of the first meetings due diligence to see if the client dream home can be built within the allocated budget. VCG will take all of the information collected and start on the design process to make the clients dream home a reality. We do not only provide a customer with a yes your budget works or no your budget doesn’t work but different scenarios that will allow the client to stay within their budget. One of our unique traits is we are a design and build customer residential contractor not just a residential contractor.
  3. The second meeting will include a presentation of the design of what VCG has developed based on the customer needs/wants and the budget. When a person is buying it is important to make sure you get what you want and that you don’t forget anything because going backwards in a construction project can be costly. That is why everyone at VCG believes it is vital to make sure we listen to the customer and present him or her with the most ideal design and built package. This is where we iron all of the details. If the initial design is improved then the next step is to start building the custom residential home.
  4. One thing that we practice at VCG is patience. When someone is building a custom home it is the number one priority of VCG to make sure we uphold the highest customer satisfaction.
  5. This is the refining stage meeting of our design and builds process. If a client needs changes completed during the second meeting this is the time that we present those changes for final approval. This is the final aspect to our process before we break ground and begin building their dream home. 

VCG will not only help you build your dream home but can help find your dream town or city. We are expert builders and have experienced the local communities first hand. You can call to ask a question or to learn more about any community before deciding to build your new home.


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"Jason Seal and Valley Contracting Group did an outstanding job building our dream lodge in Mt. Jackson."
- Greg and Laura Lane

"Thank you for everything you have done in creating our lovely house that we will make into a home!"
- Carl and Beverly Patton

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